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Partnership Announcement from VIA’s CTO

From VIA’s CTO Brendan Lilly I’m excited to announce a new partnership between VIA Global Health and local distributors to rapidly expand access to the Non-Pneumatic Anti-Shock Garment (NASG) in India. Currently a woman dies from childbirth every five minutes in India. Perhaps what is most troubling about this statistic is that most common cause of death, postpartum haemorrhage is generally a […]

New Partnership to Distribute Non-Pneumatic Anti-Shock Garments

Non-Pneumatic Anti-Shock Garment India Logo

NASG India is excited to announce a new partnership to bring the Non-Pneumatic Anti-Shock Garment to doctors, midwives, nurses, hospitals, governments and NGOs throughout India access to affordable, quality anti-shock garments to reduce maternal death from postpartum haemorrhage. In partnership with VIA Global Health a global leader in medical innovations and supplies, we are committed […]

Professor Suellen Miller Visits India

Suellen Miller Demonstrating NASG in India

Leading NASG Advocate, Professor Suellen Miller from the University of California San Francisco visited India to demonstrate the Non-pneumatic Anti-Shock Garment (NASG) Some call it a ‘miracle garment’. In technical terms, it is the Non-pneumatic Anti-Shock Garment (NASG), a body wrap that will be used in Palghar to see whether it can curb maternal mortality in […]